Documents to Ask While buying a property in Gujarat

When ever you think about buying a property do you feel stress about building permission , authenticity of document provided by builder? Do you feel that what sort of document you should ask to builder to produce while buying a property?

Gujrat Samachar had written one article way before and I feel it has quite a good checklist of documents to ask while buying a property.. here is that newspaper cutting for your reference.  I hope this cutting will help you to prepare checklist while buying a property. ( Afterall it is your hard earned money)

PS: It is in Gujrati Language

According to this you need to ask following things from property seller

  •  In Which Zone Prperty is ( Industrial, Residential, )
  •  Check Town Planning Website & Make sure there is no upcoming road or anything planned by corporation on that particular area.
  •  Plan is passed or not .. do not accept property untill plan is passed.
  •  Ask for Suervey Number & 7/12 no Utaro ( you can get these certificates online as per my knowledge)
  • Makesure property is under development program of government or not

PS: Investing in Property or Real Estate is best investment after investing in yourself 🙂

Ketan Raval
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