India launches its own first defence satellite GSAT-7

Yes !!! We did it.. India has now launched its own first defense satellite GSAT-7 .. this is a huge achievement.

Picture Credit : BBC News

But Why? And What are benefits?

Actually normally common man will have this question why so much money is spent on these stuff and how it can benefit us? here are simple clarification as what I understand from it.

Safety & Security

This Defence satellite can spy over whole hind mahasagar which can track activities on it more closely and we do not have to rely on someone else’s surveillance system ( If I am wrong please correct me).. if any of our naval craft is sailing on sea this satellite can help us to keep track of it..

Self Owned 🙂

we are now not relying on someone else’s ability on space 🙂 we can easily nurture our own talent on this now 🙂

Big Market

India now can help other countries to launch satellite and make money out of it 🙂 yes thats big money I guess..

Ketan Raval
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