Before 15 years from today I was saving 50 Cents by waking up ealry in the morning

I was reading an article regarding milk production and consumption in India. No doubt that India is one of the biggest market of the dairy product in both production & in consumption. While reading this article lead me into my past where we were ( me and my sisters) were saving 50 cents for family.

Middle Class Mentality

People usually argues against middle class mentality and mindset but they never understand what exactly the everyday things are happening in middle class. Remembering those days when While Revolution of Milk in India was impacting our day to day life. AMUL had become big brand at the time ( there were other as well like Uttam, Dudh Sagar).We were living in Bapunagar and vendors were charging 50 Paisa to 1 INR more for the 500 ML Milk Pouch if we buy it after 7:00 Am.  to save 1.5 INR per day.. one of us had to wakeup before 7:00 am in the morning everyday. 🙂

I have no regret of doing that and I wont let my kid to have regret on doing these kind of things. I have no idea how much we have saved 🙂 but one thing is sure it was also a big part of family bonding and family task dividing exercise. My sisters gave me a very little chance to sacrifice my sleeps for these day to day chores & today when we seat togather we have a lot of these memory to charish 🙂

Thanks to my parents for all of these.. 🙂

Ketan Raval
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