You know when you are addicated to facebook

I have been using facebook now almost 4+ years.. and I must say it is addictive. It is an addiction for any age, any profession, any human being. Reason is very simple it is playing with your emotions and getting best out of it. And on the other way it is serving content which may emotionally attach to you.  Yes, Facebook needs to take some track some data for that.

But Have you every wonder that you are addicted to facebook?

Have you felt that you are wasting you time on what other people are doing on facebook instead of doing what you should be doing? Have you ever try to judge yourself on your social media usage ?  I think many of us are having this issue or many of our friends & family members are having this issue. If I tell you .. recently I scolded on my nephew to stop using social media until next exam ( just yesterday). Here I am writing few of points if you are doing that you must have to rethink about your Facebook usage.

  • You are worried about number of likes you get & number of likes your friends gets.
  • During your real time conversation you start making list of Facebook status post.  Ex. While talking to your friends and you just get a good notorious sentence and you suddenly try to remember it to post on Facebook.
  • Without any need you hit the browser addressbar with
  • You can not live without posting something on facebook for more than a week
  • if you have facebook installed in all of you devices & you use it in lift, waiting queue, sofa and anywhere where you have 5-10 minute.
  • When you start using facebook for a personal attack
  • When you check facebook in bathroom
  • you feel sad when you dont get any like or comment on your status update.
  • When you spend hours and hours on checking someone else’s pictures.
  • When you start having feeling that ” I will not like his status because he is not liking mine”

🙂 these are few of my observed points which are critical for the facebook addiction and must need an immediate action.

While writing this post I tried to research on the same topic. Here are some really funny ones

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