My Experience when I went to take VIVA as an External Faculty in MCA Colleges Around Ahmedabad

In Last Month I went to take a viva examination ( Project Review) for final year student of MCA ( master of computer applications) . It was a good experience but I did not know what has happened to the system .. here are few important stuff which we must change right away

System Failure: IDP / Project Development

I found this system is completely failed in education. Students are not even bother to know which project they have developed. ( Indeed they will always feel proud of  being ignorant at that age, I was something like that for the time being) But time has changed, technology is everywhere, competition is everywhere. Knowledge based systems are being developed all over the world.Opportunities are there for young people. IDP (Industrial Development Program ) can change student’s life completely.  But they are not being taught how important this can be for future.

Poor Database & Relationship

This was common problem in all colleges. Students are not worried about data type length, need of it, why it has to be optimized. I am not sure but they must understand 1 extra byte of memory can cost our world money. No one cared about database & its relationship ( only few who copied existing system of company’s project had that thing correct)

Staff is working but they also need support.

I interacted with lecturers and professors during this period. I did not see that they are not willing to do the change. They are trying their level best but we need an open system. Welcome change with open hands.. there will be some mistakes during the course but amount of good people have increased.  Everyone is looking for long-term vision (including Industry, Startups and technology enthusiasts) .

Innovating an innovation

Lot of faculties asked students what new you have done in the project. But I did not get it . Why did you allow that project to be executed if you were suppose to ask this question at end?.  Another thing is yes lot of existing system can be improved even if students are building prototype in 3-4 months instead of just copy pasting other project… those prototype should be allowed, it can lead to a good idea or product.  This “Project Definition Phenomena has to be changed”

We all are looking for a change..  but we all need to be the change..  Appreciate the little efforts so one can make it large.

Ketan Raval
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