I want to work on Project about Live Crime Mapping in Ahmedabad, India

I always want to work on things, which can help society. This is something I want to do for India and for my City Ahmedabad. We will try to explore if somebody is interested in it. The way social sharing is going on data can be processed and easily get transform in to Information. And at the end this unreal social sharing can become socially helpful in Real world.

Being in SEO & Web Designing field from last few yeas I think I have dealt with thousands of websites in the process.  Social Media Sharing can help crime awareness.

Crime Mapping Local Application

If we can use public data available from Social Media, government updates we can easily make applications where we can give alert to people that you are entering in Sensitive Area, you are at the place where pick pocketing is likely to happen. By this kind of smartphone application can help people to deal in night hours.  Especially females in Ahmedabad can go-out enjoy their life.

Live Crime Reporting System

Another Feature I want to provide people is that they can report crime by mobile app. And live crime mapping can be shown to application user so they can either report crime to police or alert other people by sharing on Social Media.

This is what I want to start for my City Ahmedabad. If anyone is interested in doing this project with me our team , you are welcome Just Drop mail at   ketan@letsnurture.com

Ketan Raval
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