Do Not Track Serious Issue is now being addressed Seriously

Microsoft’s next Internet browser version will have default “do not track” . This is a threat to advertisers. Display ads and paid links are usually displayed as per behavior of Internet User. With default “do not track” scripts which track behavioral search patterns through browser will not be able to do that.

This is positive outcome on “Do Not Track” movement which is being carried through some companies like Twitter, Mozilla now Microsoft.

In a recent statement Microsoft announced that it will have default “Do Not Track’ option in Next version of Internet Browser. IE10 will be the first browser to have “Do not Track” as a default. Here is a blog post From Microsoft’s website where it is mentioned “IE10 also sends the “Do Not Track” signal to Web sites by default to help consumers protect their privacy”

What is this “Do Not Track”?

‘Do Not Track’ is a way to put internet user in control to share its search behaviour.  Behavioral Advertisements shows advertise as per visitor’s search patterns.  For that they use various third party tracking scripts / software in browser to get behaviour patterns of users. With this “do not track” user can opt out for it.

Why ‘do not track’ is important?

Answer lies in the answer of this question “Do you like someone to stalk you everyday every second? If your answer is “no” than you should opt for “do not track”.

Any other Companies support “Do Not Track”?

Big thanks to Mozilla Corporation

Here is a Gary Kovacs CEO of the Mozilla Corporation speaking on the “Tracking the trackers” at Ted Conference. (Must Watch Video)

Firefox browser has already launched private browsing, which is really a great. I personally have found it is really helping. Some advertisers (my competitors) who were running ppc campaign for same kind of services, which I am offering (SEO Reselling) has targeted me. I was seeing display ad of my competitor 100 times in a day on various website. It was like where I go that banner kept following. (you can imagine how irritating it can be) . Now? Its gone with the use of private browsing I am seeing different ads (I have no problem with Ads) on various websites but not the same one.

And Firefox has also announced “Do Not Track” Option as well.

Another Company is Twitter, which supports “Do Not Track”

Twitter recently announced that they would support “Do not Track” for all users. This is a great move by company, which is still trying to find out revenue model for itself. And this company has all personal data, personal choices, all privacy kind of things, which can be used for best advertising campaign in the world.  Here is an article where twitter announced Support on “Do not Track”.

And here is a post from United States Federal Trade Commission on Protecting Consumer Privacy & DNT

I think European Cookie law also does the same kind of thing.. Not sure though..

Hope everything you read here …apart from my grammar mistakes have made some sense 🙂

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