Kashmir does not belong to India Accept it

I am a proud Indian. No one who knows me will point a finger about my love for my nation. But I am not an idiot who will blindly believe what my leaders are saying or what media is saying.

I have seen different map of India .I have been questioning about real map of India to Indian Government ..but instead of reply they removed couple of my tweets . I was not provocative at all .. In fact I am crying inside that people of kashmir has now lost trust in India. When I was in UK , Kashmir IndiaI have met people who are representing themselves as a Kashmiri .. neither Pakistani nor Indian but “Kashmiri”

Check out this image which I clicked during Asian Radio Mela Slough , UK. I have no issue with people claiming they are from Azaad Kashmir. Here I am really worried about as an Indian is.. that

why we are not trying to get kashmir in our main stream?

Why we are not developing kashmir like other states ( if it is part of India) .

Why We are not having public access to many places in kashmir? why SMS ban in Kashmir ?

Why so much violence from our side in Kashmir?

Why People of Kashmir are not willing to discuss with India?

Why Indian Occupied Kashmir is living in so much tension.. ?

I am seating on bean bag watching Full HD Color Tv, have access to full speed broadband , can go to anywhere in midnight .. Why my brothers and sisters from Kashmir can not do this?

I was involved in talking with many “kashmiri” people.. specially Females from Kashmir because I wanted to know real situation.. They do not like India 🙂 Indian Politics.. they are educated muslim females.. .. I have not met them personally and while writing this blog I am worried .. Government will think I am anti-government socialist, trust me I am not 🙂 . But We need to help People of Kashmiri People.. they are our brothers and sisters.. they deserve same life what we are having..

I was asking these questions to Top Politicians and Journalists of India and asked what is real map of India. As an Indian this is our right to know what is our real map. We want to know our boarder. I do not want to pass hate for Pakistan and other neighbors to my son or daughter in future… I want them to learn right things .. make peace around ..

Here is a proof they just removed my tweet and picture from twitter.. when I asked a question..

So Next is this blog 🙂 I know one day someone will contact me to remove this blog because I am speaking truth Kashmir does not belong to India. It belongs to people of Kashmir.. we need to provide better service to them and nurture them so they can choose India to be part of… Am I Wrong??


Ketan Raval
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