Thirteen Top 10 From Utpal Betai :)

This is my dedicated post for Utpal Betai.. I have been reading his facebook posts this year.. and I figured out few interesting Top 10 List which might help everyone to perform alternate thinking..

Top 10 Things to donate/share in this biting #Cold

  1. Warm #Hug
  2. Cup of Hot #Tea
  3. Blanket
  4. #Car Ride with kids/elderly
  5. Pair of #Woolen socks
  6. Piping hot cup of soup
  7. #Coffee with anybody bina kaaran
  8. #Sweater you bought but never used
  9. #Mittens
  10. #Real Smiles (save fake ones for cameras)

Top 10 Wishes from 2014.

  1. #Hunger free #India
  2. #AAP stays in Power
  3. Decent hot meal and Entertaining movie for Rs. 100
  4. Place to stay for every #Indian
  5. #Onion/#Petrol price stays in two digits
  6. Next Indian PM who has the ability to walk the talk,
  7. #Green India #Clean India
  8. #AppFest every quarter In #Ahmedabad
  9. #Boss and #Client stays Happy
  10. Like #Twitter #Facebook also puts cap on Status Length.

Top 10 of 2013

  1. #AAP’s Victory
  2. #Sachin’s Retirement
  3. #Lokpal
  4. iPhone 5S & iPad Air(iPhone 5C has proved that Sir John Ive is still human)
  5. #Nexus 5
  6. #Onion Price back to normal(tears of joy)
  7. #MMS spoke on Multiple Occasions
  8. Even if you are not, your website must be #Responsive
  9. Every engineer is entrepreneur (thanks to #echai)
  10. Screen size getting bigger Brain size getting smaller.

Top 10 things you can share/donate/spend for others this Holiday season

  1. Clothes (
  2. Knowledge if you have it
  3. Data
  4. Information
  5. Time
  6. Fame
  7. Blood
  8. Wealth
  9. Smile
  10. Intelligent & Funny Tweets

Top 10 alternates to Statue of Unity

  1. 3000 Schools
  2. 12,000 affordable houses
  3. 300 km. of water canals
  4. 300 Crore Interest per year for life (Can spend this on festivals and tamasha)
  5. 9000 Buses
  6. 30 tourism center(1 in every state of India)
  7. 300 Shelters for homeless and orphans
  8. New Universities across Gujarat
  9. 30 amma style kitchen(1 in every district of Gujarat)
  10. 1000 new Police Officers

Top 10 things you can buy for the price of 1 Kg. #Onion

  1. 60 Km of #Bike Ride
  2. 2 #movie tickets for the morning show
  3. 2 unlimited #Gujarati meal at neighbourhood eatery
  4. 10 pieces of Gulab Jamun or Kala Jaam
  5. 1 T-shirt from road side vendors
  6. 100 minute of talk time
  7. 1 way ticket to cities like #Rajkot, #Surat , #Mehsana or #Bhavnagar
  8. An evening at #Kankaria with your loved ones
  9. 10 entry tickets of Newly opened gardens at #Riverfront
  10. Bring #smiles on 20 people’s face by offering chocolates.

Hit Like and Add alternate to #Onion ideas

Top 10 things you can do for the price of 1kg #Jalebi at Oshwal, #Ahmedabad

  1. 5 kg apples (Buy health not death)
  2. 1 kg almonds (food for thought)
  3. 1 Silver Coin of 10 grams
  4. 4 kg pomegranate (for better power)
  5. 5 movie tickets (15 hours of entertainment)
  6. 8 litre Petrol (read long ride for 10 nights straight with your loved ones)
  7. Two domain names for 1 full year (global reach)
  8. Sponsor a child’s food or education for a year (CSR)
  9. 3 Unlimited Pizza meals at #PizzaHut (Quality at a cheaper rate)
  10. One Lunch at the top of the #Ahmeabad @Patang (Mesmerizing Experience)

Top 10 things you can do for the price of one Arrow thread less shirt (Rs. 5599).

  1. Can feed 8 students for year (
  2. 1 year supply of rice and wheat for family of 4
  3. 1 year supply of petrol for your bike/scooter
  4. Can watch 100 movies in the morning show. (about 300 hours of entertainment)
  5. Can pay cable TV/satellite dish subscription for a year.
  6. Can take your spouse for candle light dinner at least 8 times
  7. Can buy a good quality bicycle and save Rs. 500-1000 every month for life.
  8. Eat 1 kg. of desi apple once every week for a year.
  9. Sponsor 10 needy students for a year.
  10. Put the above mentioned sum in bank and can buy a Rs. 500 shirt once every year for life.

Top 10 things that would be in demand during this n every monsoon

  1. dalvada
  2. chai
  3. long drive
  4. tarp
  5. rain coat
  6. plastic bag
  7. tree
  8. area under the bridge
  9. bus
  10. four wheeler

Top 10 usages/words learnt from 1 week stay @Rajkot

  1. Bungda bataka
  2. Tukda, Katka
  3. Mava, faaki
  4. Rasawala
  5. shisha (Read bottle)
  6. laata (Read slab or bar)
  7. Bhindo
  8. suti(read token or bahanu(ahmedabadi alternate))
  9. Batki gayo
  10. Bapu

Top 10 things you can do with Rs. 2000 tax credit announced today

  1. Candle light dinner for two @5 star hotel
  2. 3 Kgs. Of Almond (Mamro quality u can just get 1.5 kgs)
  3. One way air ticket to nearest airport
  4. Can take you to 500 km. round trip to place of your choice on bike
  5. 8 pizza on any given Friday @Dominos(B1G1)
  6. Can buy one levi jeans when on sale
  7. Can support a 2 poor kids for 1 year (
  8. Can buy 10 books of writers like Mr. Chetan Bhagat
  9. 20 tickets to Hollywood or Bollywood movies
  10. Can feed chocolate to all your friends and get a fake Thank You.

Top reasons to love Ahmedabad, Gujarat

  1. Kite Festival
  2. Vibrant Gujarat(Every two years)
  3. Sabarmati Marathon & Cyclothon
  4. Heritage Week
  5. Rath Yatra
  6. Navratri
  7. Saptak
  8. Chaos @IIMA
  9. Satvik @IIMA

Top 10 things Gujarat has given to the World

  1. Garba
  2. Craze for Kites
  3. Dhokla
  4. Thepla
  5. Undhiyu
  6. Gandhiji
  7. Sardar
  8. Amul
  9. Dhirubhai
  10. Mr. Modi
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