Social Sunday Special: Rash Driving a Major Issue?

I was driving a Two Wheeler near Ranip with my wife.. we were going to my sister’s home .. It was around 10:00 pm… or something..  My Wife  said you are tried let me drive . As a husband you always worry while your wife is driving ( I am also the same) . She did wonderful drive . we came back home after midnight.

Next Day in news paper.. 2 young people killed in horrible accident because of rash driving by  Son of Dr. Amit Shah.

For the one moment I was shocked if my wife had decided to go towards judges bungalow.  It would have been us because it was a same time we took opposite direction.  Worst thing about this incident is that police responded very late .. After 3 days or something  which is making a this incident more serious.

I would like my readers to read following paragraph on Ahmedabad Mirror

A day after speeding BMW driver Vismay Shah allegedly killed two youths on a bike, his father Amit Shah claimed that his son was not the one driving the car; his driver was. His brother Mohak told the police that they were away attending a birthday party when the driver took the car for a spin. On Wednesday, though, Vismay confessed to have been behind the wheels of the BMW.

The question that begs to be asked is: Will Vastrapur police arrest Amit and Mohak for misleading the police? Interestingly, a day before the accident, the Vastrapur police arrested two women, including a school teacher, for stealing clothes from a store in AlphaOne Mall. When the police asked the teacher about the other woman, she claimed it was her friend. Later, when cops found out that the woman was her sister-in-law, they booked the teacher under section 182 of the IPC for misguiding the police. This attracts a fine of Rs 1,000 and six months in jail. Now, it remains to be seen if the law is actually equal for all.“

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BMW Hit and Run Case

What We should do  ?

  • Most important thing is that we should not take pride of our friend who has political connections and who are using these connection to corrupt our society. Simply dont get fascinated by this thing..
  • We should abandon people with wrong ethics. Social Abandon is one of the biggest punishment and human can realise their mistake only by that.
  • Social awareness is also an important thing. If you do not support people in these kind of trouble we have no right to live as a human being..
  • People power is a big thing.. if you can not do anything you can just tweet to our chief minister and ask for justice.. if  1000s of people keep doing that.. I don’t think any minister can ignore that.

Never Ever Do Rash Driving.. it is not helping at all.

Ahmedabad is changing very fast.. there is no question that people are consuming alcohol in Ahmedabad even if it is prohibited. Most of the time late night we meet someone overdrunk in many areas of ahmedabad.  This Drinking and Rash Driving is one of the big social issue of ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is full of young people and it is really difficult to say where it will go from here…

I personally hope that justice will happen and accused will get appropriate punishment. But one thing is sure…

In My Entire life I will never visit Dr.Amit Shah’s Hospital and will stop other people going there..  that’s what  I will do for that two young talented boy who died without any fault…

Ketan Raval
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