Sunday Social: Women Empowerment in India

India a country where females are now not secure, especially in last 10 years situation has worsen. Rape , molestation, discrimination and other cases has been piled up. And everyone is thinking India is now a very bad place to live for female. Do you think it is true?

No, it is only a half truth I can say. Situation was worse than it was currently. India is now better , Indian women can now file a complaint. Indian males are now having guilt ( think about same situation before 15-20 yrs) . Indian male community was not emotional as they are today. Social media has revolutionized this country in many ways.  We need women empowerment there is no question on that. But We are seeing more cases, more news, more coverage on these topics because we have now accepted this as a problem. Society has become strong to start a fight against these things.  We know in rural India rapes / sexual harassment and other cases are normal.  So I think India is in a transformation phase.. this disease has been accepted by society now society will do justice for it.. it takes time when you are fighting with social disease , you cannot eradicate it in short period.

Women is not helping for real women empowerment

I want to share few more thing here and one is educated women should take responsibility for real women empowerment. I have seen one threatening things.. educated women are not interested in working for women empowerment or trying to change society instead of that they are fighting their own individual battle of existence.

Accept Some Issues

some problem occurs only when some problem are already in system.  If we have less people in India lot of things can change. We need to have a birth control. If we have these many people in per sq.meter … it is going to create problem isn’t it? too many people around and less privacy can create hell of  psychological problems. (its my personal opinion) But this is our issue we need to accept it. We can not keep complaining about it we should start changing small things .. it ll become bigger automatically when everyone starts doing it 🙂
Rural Women are more important

When you count un-paid labors which help Indian Economy, Indian women from rural areas are leading this segment. In Rural India Women take care of pets, farms, home and many other thing which is directly effecting our economy and our financial prosperity. What do you think? Who is helping more women in IT Industry or women working all the time in farm and home? Definitely later on helps us in fighting with inflation right?  We need to teach them how good you can manage your work with electricity, with computers, with literacy, with proper farming methods.. Things can change right? It is only that who will make an attempt…. J

Its not always like that though , there are so many groups are now working hard to make this country better place to live. In India there are so many ( trust me so many) good people who has sacrificed whole life to help this country without expecting anything…..

I know that I am going to spend my life in village after few years. And I am very happy that my wife is ready for that. Despite of being wife of an entrepreneur and software engineer…. She has accepted my thoughts and ready to come with me to spend later phase of life in our village/town. Where I will grow my own vegetables and will milk my cows. And she will enjoy cooking healthy food..   Things can change when you help each other J

Ketan Raval
Working for Let's Nurture Canada,Founder Moncton Cares Rotarian, Planning And Advisory Council Member For City of Moncton, Board of Director for New Brunswick Business Immigrant Association. Global Shaper from World Economic Forum, BNI Member. Investor, Business partners, have successfully failed, have failed fast. Supporter of all good, Friends of many, Son of few, Father of two ,Husband of One. Spending free time in writing, reading, watching sports. Love to spend time with good people instead of smart people