Why I started Following IPL with more passion?

when cricket got commercialized with IPL , I was bit skeptical & was reluctant to accept that it can be helpful to the nation or it can be a best interest of Cricket. On the other side I am a big fan of Barcelona, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Green Bay Packers.

I was thinking that “I am in USA wearing Jersey of RR & Few Indian join me for a coffee just because they saw me with wearing Rajasthan Royals tee.” I realized that I would get the similar kind of feeling if I notice someone wearing a Barcelona T-shirt in My City.  You start relating with each other. And, it can give lot of NRIs to cheer for something every year can relate to their root.

IPL Teams – Brand Ambassador of India

When I started following Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Manchester United, I was not knowing the fact these are Cities of Spain, UK and Germany. It came a very later on that these are cities also. Imagine if we can increase a popularity of IPL Teams to that level. How good it can become for a country.

At least for the time being.. I am loving IPL because of these facts. I want to see people cheering for Rajasthan Royals or Mumbai Indian in USA And other part of the world without knowing that these are places of India. 🙂 ..This is possible when we have NRIs all over.

Ketan Raval
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