What if baby is crying and you are not able to understand why?

No feeling can ever come closer than the feeling of seeing tiny winy eyes and touching the little finger of your child the first time, especially for fathers, the definition of love changes the minute they see their little girl!

She doesn’t care if you are the big boss or a average guy, a mediocre person or the famous one, her innocuous smile will definitely make your day, everyday!

Well, a journey of 18 months and things are progressing pretty well, & has been a lovely brave excursion, an ordeal unmatched. Indeed, praise to my wife and my parents who have gone beyond the definition of nurturers!

While I have been spending a little less time nowadays but yes I must say I grab the chance to be with here & enjoy playing the role of a doting father, whenever I can. Whatever I have experienced ( this keeps changing every other day), I would like to share with all the fathers and would be fathers.

When your baby is crying and you don’t know what to do?

When your baby cries its not a cacophony its music! But when she decides to give you a test( makes me feel like a fresher every time) you are on a remedy searching spree.

This circumstance we had confronted numerous times till now. Earlier we would not get a hint when she would start crying suddenly, me and my wife would stare at each others face dumbstruck! Progressively in light of our experience we became acquainted with few. Things. So on the off chance that if your baby is crying & you are not able to recognize reason than do check for the following.

Incompatible Environment – She used to be quiet again when we change room or attempt to comprehend whether she needs cool wind or some warm at home.

Vaccination Effect – Couple of vaccination are hard .Luckily we never confronted a circumstance where due to immunization she has endured a considerable measure however our parents and additionally the doctor informed us that it could be one of the reasons. She is the reason I developed mobile application vaccination reminder

Rest or Food – Common! when FUEL is empty or when she commands silence, as she needs rest after ‘baby’s day out’.

Fever– When she had fever she cried consistently & it was similar to heck of a night. We bungled for couple of hours without a doubt that what precisely was going on. Yes child will continue crying because that she is not feeling admirably inside and that is huge sign that there is some kind of problem with infant.

Constipation-We observed it multiple times if she had constipation she was attempting to manage as it was too hard for her. In this case an immediate remedy is to give her either GHEE or Caster Oil ( consult doctor if you want to). Nourished her with cream . This troublesome to both child and parents. Also give juice or digestive biscuits or cow milk for improving situation.
Teething – When baby teeth starts appearing the child may suffer from diarrhea accompanied by fever(sometimes) & weight loss.
Riverfront Effect- Three times when we took her near to river front in early days, then the very next day she struggled. This experience taught that she is not yet ready to face fast windy condition. It happened when she was under one year old. So it is prudent that not to go out in breezy condition with newborn child regardless of the possibility that you have enough assurance.
Air Condition Effect– As a result of being in A.C she wasn’t able to cope up with with normal temperature. That’s when we started to train her to live in typical temperature by switching on AC in small trips as well as switching off AC after couple of hours. Well, she is a daddy’s good girls, right!
Oh!, I never know a lot goes into bringing up a child. Thanks to my parents and my dear wife for keeping up with me. And for my daughter all I see in her eyes is a beautiful world and yes, expectations from me. I want to see her happy and hearty, always.

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