Options For Abudhabi to Dubai

I was attending a conference IOTx in Dubai & also on a trip with my wife and a daughter for a dubai trip. This was an impromptu plan so I had booked ticket from Ahmedabad to Abudhabi as per my schedule. But I did not know how to reach to Dubai from Abudhabi. I explored few options & also tried few.

RTA Bus Abu Dhabi to Dubai
If you have time & you are having budget constraint you can opt this. From Abudhabi Airport you need to go to Abudhabi bus station & you will get a E100 & E101 which operates almost every hour. Which will cost you around $20 per person to reach Dubai.

Etihad Coaches Abudhabi to Dubai
If you are traveling by Etihad & its partners you will have free coach service from Abudhabi to Dubai & Dubai to Abudhabi . You need to book coach in Advance. If you do not book your coach in advance you can use coach service at $30 Per person.

If you are traveling with an infant & are 2+ travellers then Uber is your best bet. It will get you Abu Dhabi to Dubai in 50-60 minutes depends on traffic. And it will cost you around $70. RTA would be little expensive then Uber.

Rent a Car
At Abudhabi Airport you can rent a car which would be also good option if you are having internationa driving licence. Try this option only if you are confident on driving on foreign nation because laws are strict.

I was traveling with my daughter and a wife uber was the best option…

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