How To Make Money Online Event At GBGAhmedabda

Yesterday we (GBGAhmedabad) had a great event on subject “how to make money online” , it was jam packed CIIE Hall at IIM New Campus.  And why not.. we had amazing personality speaking this time with real numbers and swashbuckling earning reports 🙂 . Here are few of my insights .. I am not sure I remembered all of it but still here they are..

How Much Money you can make online?

Ashwin Patel here gave rightful answer without being diplomatic. He told you can earn 0 to 1 lac per month. He said that he has not seen anyone earning in 10 millions or something like that but he has seen 1 million kind of figure in his own network.

What it takes to make money online as a blogger?

Here I would sum up few simple things from  our beloved speakers Ashivin Patel & Mitesh Sanghavi..

  • Have Passion & Pateience About Blogging
  • Be Consistent
  • Seize Opportunities.
  • Share Your Knowledge
  • Learn SEO ( of-course it is important)
  • Do not ignore Authorship
  • Stay Original As much as it is possible to be
  • Adesnse is not a hard game
  • Always have multiple adesense account if it is your main source of income.
  • WordPress or Blogger anyone is good
  • Google Authorship very important for Quality Content
  • Don’t afraid to do some experiments

Adhir Amdavadi – An Amdavadi Brand of Humor

Adhir Amdavadi is now our beloved speaker , we have invited him one more time on GBGAhmedabad Event .. he is surely an epic humorist of Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is known for its stubbornness. But Adhir sir has ability to represent it in very different manner.

Stay in touch we will have few more events like this in Ahmedabad… very soon  …

I specially thank you to our team members.. Utpal , Jatin , Paresh, Dhrumil , Nishit & our GBGAhmedabad Manager Mitesh Sanghavi for making this wonderful community.

PS: it was Mitesh bhai’s birthday on Sunday ( I got a personal treat as we went for a lunch together at Birmies)

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