Wordcamp Baroda: Rich Snippet & Schema Examples – Events

Events are very useful Schema Type because it holds location information as well as it has ability to map like minded people on internet. Ex. If we have structured data of wordcamp attendees & Speakers all over the world with event markup we can retrieve it with search engine bots or API & can build better applications based on that what do you say?
Facebook Events are in hCalender / hEvent Format ( data format type of http://microformats.org/wiki/hcalendar)

HTML Code Example For Schema Type Events

[sourcecode language=”html”]</pre>
<a class="schema_url" href="http://2013.baroda.wordcamp.org" target="_blank">
<div class="schema_name">Wordcamp Baroda</div>
<div>Starts: 01/26/2013 9:30 pm</div>
<div>Ends: 01/27/2013</div>
<div>Duration: 18 hours:</div>
<div class="street">Deep Auditorium, MSU University</div>
<div class="city_state"><span class="locale">Baroda</span>,
<span class="region"> Gujarat</span></div>
<div class="postalcode">390005</div>
<div class="country">IN</div>

Event Schema with the use of Schema Plugin

[schema type=”event” evtype=”EducationEvent” url=”http://2013.baroda.wordcamp.org” name=”Wordcamp Baroda” sdate=”2013-01-26″ stime=”9:30 pm” edate=”2013-01-27″ duration=”18:00″ street=”Deep Auditorium, MSU University” city=”Baroda” state=”Gujarat” postalcode=”390005″ country=”IN” ]

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