Easy Steps to Install Facebook Social Plugin in your WordPress Website

Facebook developer network recently launched new social plugin for wordpress. This plugin seems very smooth to me. There are plenty of Social Plugins available in wordpress directory for Social Sharing but I think this is an official facebook plugin so it will be used more.

Here is an  link about WordPress plugin announcement on Facebook developers blog. I installed this plugin in 10 minute while watching Germany- Netherlands UEFA match, trust me I did not even look at closely.. it was just click ..click… click and you are through. It may be bit difficult for someone who does not have any technical knowledge so , My this post is for people who wants to add Facebook comment, Facebook login , Facebook sharing on their blog or website without having any knowledge of how to-do it.

Facebook Plugin Installation Step- 1

From your Dashboard go to Plugin and search Facebook in Search Plugin as shown in Image, First result you get is official Facebook Plugin you can identify it as it is mentioned there  “By Facebook”

Facebook Plugin Installation Step- 2
After Installation and you will require to Activate this plugin as per image…

Facebook Plugin Installation Step- 3
After Activation , you will require to create facebook app for your website, in your wordpress dashboard top side there will be message which will direct you to facebook app page. as shown in image..

Facebook Plugin Installation Step-4

First of all you need to give App Name : Implicitly Me , Namespace and contact email.. your app Id will create… you need to Website URL in app domain ( remember put domain without WWW.) after that select category.. put site url and save changes..


Facebook Plugin Installation Step-5

Now you have created facebook app instance . At your dashboard on Facebook Plugin page , there will be 3 text box for App Id, App Secret & App Namespace..  fill details there.. and you are through..

Facebook Plugin Installation Step-6

After successfully finishing all above steps you will need to configure facebook social sharing items as per your wish. You can put social publisher to push all your post in your Timeline. You can activate Like Button, you can activate Facebook comments etc..


So this is it.. I hope I helped you on this.. Installing this will improve your social sharing and your branding also. I strongly recommend to install social plugins for influencing your network.

Ketan Raval
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