Google Maps Floor Plans: Tech Giant Knows Real Estate of “Plans”

Google believes in bringing new changes and innovations for its products. Google’s Maps is well known in surveying and mapping almost every sq inch of ground globally. Google Maps 6.0 for Android has come up with new features like indoor mapping.

Google Maps Floor Plans Basics

The Google Maps Floor Plans is a service, which can be used to upload floor plans in Google. Google uses the uploading information and maps the internal layouts of buildings and premises to help users navigate effortlessly indoors. This helps the interested people (Tenants or investors) to understand about a building’s layout, accessibility and more. However, it does not include buildingsĀ  which are non public, premises termed as secret or a national defense asset, people, copyright material or any illegal material as such.

Google Maps Floor Plans for desktop Users and Countries

Earlier, Google had added about 10,000 indoor maps to Google Maps for Android, which has now been designed to use for desktop users. This service has been available in countries like Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Italy, France, Germany, Japan , Russia etc. The Google Maps indoor plans is also useful for students and teachers to plan any trip or research about places.

How Google Maps’ Floor Plans Works

The new mobile map floor plan permits users to see the full layout of a mapped building. Users can also switch easily between floor plans(multiple levels) and also find indoor areas like retail stores, ATM’s and bathrooms unlike desktop version. A beta tool has also been launched by Google that permits firms to upload their floor plans to the map database.

Users only have to put in their location, start the app and start walking. Google will use the sensor data from the smartphone to present a precise accurate map and upload it automatically to Google Maps. As noted earlier, the Google Maps Indoor plan for Android is now accessible for the desktop users.

What is proving to be a great advantage for people is that they can first check the indoors of any store or any airport before they actually go out.

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