Google goes Cloud – Enterprise Cloud Strategy

During Cloud Next event in San Francisco, the team of Google segmented the roadmap for its cloud business. Having more than 10,000 attendees, the event also resembled the world that it is ready to take on the enterprises.

Having a hard work since 18 months to get a position to the cloud market, it has been a strong player. The top executives didn’t miss the opportunity to pitch its cloud platform to enterprises. Though Amazon and Microsoft are major player of this game, Google is using some of its deep strengths to provide the differentiate platform to the customers.

Let’s go through some takeaways from Google Cloud Next 2017.

Securing the cloud

The first priority for Google is to maintain security for its cloud platform. It is all about innovating in the fields of key management, compliance, multi-factor authentication and data loss prevention.

Secure access to enterprise application without using VPN is done with the help of Identity-Aware Proxy. It limits the access of user identity and groups that comes up with integrated phishing resistant Security key.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) API scans data for many tactful data types and automatically edits them. Customers can find and edit the sensitive data that is store in GCP with few API calls.

Customer wins by securing enterprise

The case studies of Google’s cloud base were based on Spotify, Snapchat etc. Though it was a large implementation, they are not considered as traditional enterprise companies. Now, Google claims impressive customer list that includes Verizon, Disney, HSBC, eBay etc. Adding these brands in the keynote, Google made a statement that its cloud platform is enterprise-ready.

GCP into a data-centric cloud platform

The secret sauce of Google is data and analytics. Being, one of the Big Data and Machine Learning, the company is turning it into a differentiating factor. GCP has list of Machine learning services in the form of Cloud ML engine, Cloud Vision API, Cloud Jobs API and Advanced Solution Lab (ASL). Developers can explore video content by providing information about the entities within the video content with the help of Cloud Video Intelligence API.

Cloud Dataprep is a new service that aims to make the extract, transform, and load (ETL) jobs easier on GCP, build in the collaboration with Trifacta. The GCP customers can now analyze commercial datasets that are coming from Xignite, Remine, AccuWeather and HouseCanary with BigQuery. 

Boosting Developers Productivity

Google announced the fleet of services, new features and tools to bring the developer productivity. App Engine now supports a flexible deployment model based on containers. Developers can choose from multiple languages, runtimes, and frameworks to run their mobile application in the cloud.

Enabling deployment workloads in GCp, Google has launched a service called Cloud Container Builder where developers can develop complex CI/CD pipelines to manage the workflow of containerized applications running on Google Cloud Platform.

Commitment to Open-source and Multi-platform

Kubernetes and Tensor Flow are making significant strides in the open source. Google donated Kubernetes, container orchestration platform to Cloud Native Computing Foundation and Tensor Flow, an open source Machine Learning platform powers the managed Cloud ML engine. Google collaborating with Pivotal Labs made Kubernetes deployment accessible across multiple cloud platforms.

Talking about multi-cloud deployments, CloudEndure, a GCP partner, enables one-click migration of VMs from other platforms to Google Cloud. Google’s Stackdriver is a multi-cloud monitoring platform that works across GCP and AWS.

Collaborating with the Proven leaders

At Google Cloud Next, the company made few announcements about involvement of some independent software vendors and global system integrators. Google was often criticized for the lack of ecosystem for its cloud business.

HANA to GCP is integrated that includes the certification of  SAP HANA on GCP, new G Suite integrations, and collaboration on building machine learning features into intelligent applications, bringing Google and SAP partnership into the picture.

Rackspace, the leader in managed services partnered with the Google cloud to become one of the first managed services support partner.

Since many enterprises are using Microsoft Windows, Google is presently working with principal SIs from the Microsoft ecosystem to integrate workloads to GCP.

Concluding Note

Concluding all, Google is trying to transform itself into an enterprise-friendly company by figuring out a niche being the most open and developer friendly. With Google Next, the company tried to consolidate its place in the market. It implicits the strong message that Google Cloud is yet to stay. Though AWS and Azure are top players in the game, but Google is moving at the rapid pace, inching closer to become  a viable alternative to Amazon and Microsoft’s public cloud.

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Google to Promote App Development in Indian Languages

The search engine giant Google said that it will hold development workshops in Bangalore to promote apps in Indian languages.

2 Days Workshop in Bangalore by Google

As per reports, Google India is going to host a 2 day Hackathon and workshops in Bangalore starting from February 21-22. The focal point will be on designing and creating android applications in Indian languages. Close to 100 developers-professionals and amateurs, are expected to attend this event.

Promotion of Indian regional languages

Google aims to promote Indian regional languages and simultaneously develop applications for Internet users who communicate and understand only in their native language. This will encourage new and more users to come online. Google India Managing Director Mr. Rajan Anandan said “The next 300 million internet users in India won’t use English. That’s why we’re working on enabling the Internet in Indian languages, which is the key to driving growth”.

Google will soon start implementing technical processes to enable apps in Indian languages.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop Extension: For Safe and Secure Remote Access

Remote Desktop Connections are very usefull to provide remote support to client. Google has come up with very good told for it.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop Features

The remote desktop permits users to set up their computers for secure remote access that comprises setting up the computer for a later access from another machine. Alternatively, the app can also be used to let someone access the computer remotely temporarily. The remote access can be done through a chrome browser or a chrome book.

The Google Chrome Remote Desktop is completely a cross platform BETA product. It provides remote assistance to users having OS like Mac, Windows and Linux. It can also access the windows and Mac desktops anytime from the chrome browser from any device.

How it Works

Google Chrome is required for using the remote desktop functionality in addition with installation of an extension from the chrome web store. It uses the VP8 video to display the remote PC’s desktop to the user. This feature can come of great help to troubleshoot issues of a client.

Operations from the User’s End

The users need to grant permission to the chrome remote desktop to access their computer for the first time use.  One needs to be signed in to their Google account before clicking on ‘Allow access’ and ‘get started’ button. They then need to click the ‘enable remote connections’ button. Next, choose a PIN for security of the PC and confirm it. The options that will follow can be accessed based on the need of the user.

The users can then easily click the disconnect button to cut off the access. The keyboard combinations can be sent with the ‘send key’ menu to the remote machine without being stopped by the local computer.

This sharing session is fully secured. The access code must be provided by a user from the controlling computer area. Google has also made things easier by giving access from Chrome books.

 Download Google Chrome Desktop


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Images Are Very Important in Conversion Rate Optimization

If you are trying to get more business online, your website & social media accounts are most important factors of getting more business. Most of the time images are ignored and tiny detail of image can improve traffic and conversion on your website. I am going to show here few very famous examples of image & eye tracking which helped business to improve conversion rates.

Above Image is one of the popular example of how image can change user experience ..

If you can see sunsilk advertisement.. in First image she is looking at the user and in second  model is looking at product. If you checkthe heat-map .. in second image we can easily conclude that audience has viewed sunsilk product more often compare to the first image.
Similarly in another image .. Baby is looking at the audience and website has failed to capture eye balls on their important message + product but when it changed with baby looking at the main message..” Extra Gentle for Sensitive Skin” image successfully managed capture more eyes on product.

From Where I can see this Heat Map / Eye Tracking of My website

There are many tools available in market for the same.. you can use
Google Analytics – In Page Analysis ( Free)
Click Density (Free)
Click Tale (Paid)
AttentionWizard ( Free)
Crazzy Egg ( Paid)

Above Example is in almost all Conversion Rate Optimization Websites + in Many Consumer Behavior Books…. I will be writing on few more image rated conversion rate optimization issues in next few blog posts..