Google Cast-An Advanced Technology Allowing Users to Control Content

Google   come up with a new technology and tool every few months or weeks. Last year in 2013, Google introduced Google Cast or Google Chromecast for the users to control and edit the web content they see.

What the Google Chromecast Does?

The Google Chrome Cast is a streaming dongle that lets the users plug it into their TV HDMI port. It can also be used to stream videos from Netflix and YouTube online by either using the computer, smart phone or even a tablet. They can be controlled by using the Chromecast as a remote control. It only measures 2 inches and looks like a USB drive. Its WiFi helps the users to connect with the internet effortlessly.

The user can use his computer to beam things from the Chrome Browser to the Chromecast by installing a special extension in the toolbar of the Chrome Browser. The things in the browser will get displayed on the TV. Experts view it as a type of a wireless HDMI cable between the PC and the TV. Music and videos from Smartphone apps can also be seen in the TV.

Easy View of Videos and Audios on the TV

Interestingly, once the videos start beaming from the smart phone, the phone can be used by the user for some work as well. It is worth to note that this remote control facility can only work with websites and apps that actually support Chromecast.

So, in simple ways, one can take out a Smartphone, connect to the local WiFi and start using it to beam videos and music to the TV without any complicated switches or connections. The Smartphone should have android or Ios. A computer should have Chrome OS, windows or Mac OS for the Google Chrome to work.

As noted above, when the content is being shown on the TV from Smartphone, the user can use it for searching videos on the YouTube application or pause, play and control volume as well. At the same time, they may choose to check their email when the content is streaming on the TV. This Google Chrome Cast is available for only $ 35.

This is expected to bring a revolution in the media world in the coming time if Google updates its features soon.


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