Google’s Chromebook: Highest Shipped Educational Device in the US!

Google Chromebook is a personal Google device PC that runs on the Chrome operating system. It comes inbuilt with Google apps that can run offline.  Currently, Samsung, Lenovo and HP have been using it for sale. It is seen as one of the most successful Linux desktop and laptop computer today.

Google Chromebook Popular in US Education Sector

As per the recent statistics, the Google Chromebook is among the 1 in 4 devices (20%) that are shipped into the US for education purpose. The US education system has supported the introduction of the Chromebook platform due to its easy features. It is seen as number one competition against Apple’s dominant products in the market as per the research of future source consulting.

In the year 2013, third quarter, these devices were among every 5 mobile devices that were shipped into the US K-12 education. The growth further continued into the final quarter of 2013, with statistics showing it as one out of 4 devices shipped in the US market. This is a major development from Google Chrome books as back in the year 2012, it was less than 1% of all devices shipped in the US, while Apple products were showing more than 50% of sales.

Affordable Price

What has made the US educational sector more demanding of this product is the easy cost of hardware and ownership against other solutions. The Google Chromebook starts from only $ 199 that makes it affordable to buy for all. The other benefits add to the demand of this product. The Chromebooks are cloud based devices, the device management, security and core content creation apps like the Google Docs are run on the cloud platform. It benefits in cost reduction for both-setting up the device as well as managing them.

Kate Russel, Research Analyst from Futuresource Consulting, which is a research and knowledge based consulting firm says “ Chromebooks are now filling an important gap in the education sector with reduced cost and an ability to accommodate set specifications. They also allow schools to provide devices that assist students to solutions for every growing array of content.”

It is predicted that the New Year 2014 will increase the sale of Google Chromebooks as several well-known PC manufacturers like Samsung, Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo etc are producing low cost Chromebook devices. Dell, it is learnt is openly targeting the education market with their 1st Chromebook device.

With this, it seems that this Google product will capture a major share of the computer market in the year 2014.

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