Why you should allow guest blog posts on your website?

This post is for everyone ( not only for SEO or internet marketers) Why Guest Blogging Works? And why even Google likes it? I have very small brain which I use to analyze these kind of unimportant things .. and here are my thoughts why guest blogging works? and why it is important. Hopefully you will agree on this or you might not. I am writing this post because most of the time people have written about benefits of guest blogging on SEO perspective only or business perspective..  I am here implying reasons that why you should accept guest blog posts on your blog.

It improves variety of content on website ( different people has different color of shit, right )

Because , When you invite guest blogger in your website each will have content ( some of them might have get these written from fiver or so 🙂 but yes if you read blog which works like a community instead of stereo type one way posting.. former one will have impressive variety .. for example if you check SEOMOZ BLOG , or if you read entrepreneur blog ..

It increases unique visitors & reduces bounce rates ( You can force your family to read your blog right?)

Very best part of accepting guest blog is that it will increase outreach, how? Because to increase value of that guest post .. blogger will share it on his/her social media accounts + might send report to his/her customer. So  imagine if you have one blog where you are inviting 10 different guest blogger and each guest blogger  has capacity of influencing 100 people.  Now if your blog gets 10 guest posts with these bloggers you will get minimum 1000 extra unique visitors ( which is pretty fine if they bloggers are asking a couple of back-links for their valuable content)

Relationship Building

if you accept guest blog from any blogger they will start communicating with you , they will start reading your blog or website more closely thus you are building a relationship with audience without making a big attempt.

Knowledge Improvement

Most of the time you will get guest blog post request for your niche only, so you might get a quality information about your own niche from different sources. In this era of crowd sourcing one can not ignore knowledge of other people.

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