Just a Quick post about Awesome Google Plus

google-logo-plusWhen Google decides everyone has to follow. J  I kind a falling love with Google Plus and I think I will slowly leave Facebook a bit. As a marketer and social media consultant you need to stay connected on all social networks but Google plus is getting better and better.

I am just writing a small post , one small seamless integration of Google Plus on Gmail can drive hell of a great editorial content. Please have a look on below image…. After looking at image can you believe that this is a snap from Email???

This was a post from great Barry Schwartz about Responsive web design.  ,  as I just commented on it , I started to get mails. If you take a look on above image, how greatly social signals are  integrated. I can comment, I can give Plus one, hangout feature.. .. you can find all social actions in one email, which can drive social engagement faster and effective.

I loved it and how easy call to action, I must say Social /UX is next big thing and it is not only on Web, its on mobile, email, cross platform integration and many more big words..

Image Credit : Google Plus

Ketan Raval
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