I want someone to build Robonoid (Brainmapping) instead of Humanoid

Robonoid- BrainmappingThis Blog Post is about my Brainfart on one thing and I always wanted to write about .

In Daily life have you experienced? 

  • You find solution for something at particular time but you forget that solution when it actually required to implement or you just forget whole idea after 10 min?
  • While seating on the sofa or lying on bed you find many good ideas to implement but after one hour you don’t even remember what you were thinking?
  • Do you often think that it would have been really good if I had written those thoughts on paper?



If answer of all above questions is yes, go ahead read this post else this is just un-imaginary blog post related to my own psych.

I often think that there should be some brain mapping solution, which can store some thoughts into memory and can use those thoughts later on when we have time to revision those thoughts.

Whatever I think about this I think somewhere neuroscience are implementing this or may have already implemented this. but as simple human being with little bit of knowledge I really think it is possible and yet I have not came across news that is possible.

Check it out my poor sketch to understand what I am trying to explain.


When we speak we know that most of the time we first think or we have some signals coming from brain to speak. (Yeah sometime we don’t think , we know that)

Which means it may have flow like

Brain-→Signals→ Conversion of Signal into Speech→ Our Voice

Can’t we do something like this here?

Brain → Signals→Convert into Binary→Store into Memory

I know it sounds a crazy idea but I think this can be helpful.

First of all I want to design something like we can turn on memory chip and start recording those signals for specific amount of time or until we turn it off manually.

First question stroked in my mind was
There will be hundreds of thoughts going through in mind how we can organise thoughts after storing it ?(I am considering that we can store it already ☺ )

As per personal experience I think When Real Solutions are processing in mind brain usually thinks in single direction only or only for particular set of problems.

Based on my own experience about human behaviour, there is a particular time sanity time or vanity time whatever it is when people tends to think about solutions or start exploring opportunities.

Say for example.. I have bad timing on this… when I take bath my brain starts to think about many solutions or what I am going to do today or my main life issues ( it does not happen daily but it does happen very often) And during this time I usually find many solutions about life which I forget after getting out of bath ☺

So normally it is like when people spends sometime for themselves and relax a bit good ideas start picturing in mind.

I just want to store these thoughts / Ideas / solutions in to memory and use it for better life of everyone.

There are thousands new ideas are being executed but there are billions of ideas and solutions are being forgotten right after their birth.

Complete Crazy Stuff Right ?

Ketan Raval
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