Matt Cutts ( Googler) on Trying Something New For 30 Days

Web Spam Inspector, Thick Skinned Googler (According his Tweet, I have a proof ) Matt Cutts gave very simple and inspirational speech about trying something for 30 Days.. or Give it shot for 30 days for the change you want to bring in your life.

In Speech he mentioned that as he progressed in doing these 30 days Challenges his confidence improved. (Seriously?!? I still doubt he wanted to uplift his confidence!!!)

Line, which I liked  most from his speech, is

Next 30 Days are going to pass whether you like it or not, than why not trying something that you always wanted to try

This Video is only about 3.27 Minute.. (Quicker than quickie isn’t it? )

Will Matt Cutts try Bing for Next 30 Days  as a 30 Day Challenges?

After this conference, last week Matt Cuts attended SMX Advanced 2012  in Seattle ( SMX is one of the best conference to follow for SEO and Search Marketing)

During this conference Danny Sullivan asked Matt Cutts about this 30 day challenges

DS: You do these 30-day challenges, like “I’m gonna use Bing for 30 days.”

MC: I have not done that one, and I’m afraid to try! (huge laughter from audience – Matt then says he’s joking and compliments Bing team)

He has thick skin 🙂 here is a proof

What is your 30 Days Challenge?

This is not a post about what Matt is going to try for next 30 days. But it is for everyone around us..

Are we going to do something, which we always wanted, do and try to next 30 Days?

I am thinking to do 30 Good Blog Posts for next 30 Days..

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