2 Minutes Silence For Maggi- Did We Learn Our Lesson Well?

Maggi is unarguably the inescapable cherished snack by Indians. Is there any individual who hasn’t glutted on Maggi. Call it a makeshift food that served us at late evenings or a friend in need while away at the hostel or lonely at flat.

Tsk-tsk! That now this adored noodle brand cherished by all, is caught in the “metal-battleā€, fans are in a dilemma like never before.

The high content of the lead and sub-standard addictive that are much destructive to the body, are found by government run food testing labs, already ordered Nestle to draw back all its nine variation of snacks from Indian market. While Nestle claims Maggi to be of standard quality and safe to consume, the lab testing results have made its claim to fall on deaf ears. Subsequently this whole melodrama has put Nestle into a situation enough to tarnish its image and decrease its value in the market.

Be that as it may, is the Maggi ONLY culprit that doesn’t comply with India’s food safety laws OR it just fell prey(rightfully) to the time. To all the people cursing Nestle, when was the last time you checked for the ingredients on a packet and read it painstakingly to comprehend what really is going inside your tummy? Any memory? Go and check your kitchen and I am certain numerous items will go off from your kitchen racks, right away!

Generally, we have a worm’s eyes view concerning packaged, processed branded food. We don’t attempt to peruse the subtle ingredients on the back of the packet even notwithstanding when we purchase for children- biscuits, noodles, chips, ready to eat soups and what not we can find market flooded with. Do we really care?

The ‘great Indian emotional advertisement drama’ has placed us in such a spot, to the point that as opposed to conceptualizing about the item and know more we are effortlessly conned by the advertising tricks that are very much beaten by popular celebrities. I mean we are lured into the feeling of-“they could do no wrong?”This mind-set should be changed and definitely.

Here I might want to focus on few simple things that may help us to keep a check on our food.

  • Always make a point to check for the ingredients, addictive, calorie count and other attributes of the food items.
  • Do check for the Mfg & Expiry date particularly for perishable things like milk, chocolates and ready to eat snacks. Additionally check for the allergens.
  • Check for the name of the company ( it’s better to rely on local company for the perishable items as they know you better than the MNCs)
  • Always check the cleanliness of the eatery and be strict with the quality. In the event that found not up-to the mark, don’t eat there. You pay to enjoy a good food and not to end up at a hospital.
  • Street food is an easy choice to have quick bites but verify the spot is clean, very much kept up and eatables are up to the quality. If you are a man with feeble immunity maintain a distance from going there regularly.
  • It’s your entitlement to claim bills/receipt for the services/items bought. Make it a habit, a religious habit.

Well, Maggi issue has just come up at a right time and we should learn a lesson from this. I don’t deny that everything has transformed, from our food habits to our cooking styles and types of cuisines and keeping our children away from this is not that easy. But we can make efforts in this direction.

We are doubtlessly eating things having traces of harmful chemicals and substances in one or other structure. Vegetables we eat or water we drink, all accompany an inferred label ‘Consume at your own risk’ however we need to begin it at some point and be cautious about what goes in our tummy. It’s now or never!

Ketan Raval
Working for Let's Nurture Canada,Founder Moncton Cares Rotarian, Planning And Advisory Council Member For City of Moncton, Board of Director for New Brunswick Business Immigrant Association. Global Shaper from World Economic Forum, BNI Member. Investor, Business partners, have successfully failed, have failed fast. Supporter of all good, Friends of many, Son of few, Father of two ,Husband of One. Spending free time in writing, reading, watching sports. Love to spend time with good people instead of smart people