Saturday Night Live for Doctors in United Kingdom

Tough Duty for Doctor on Saturday I just watched a TV show here in UK about life of doctors and hospital staff on saturday night.I am starting this blog post with an apology note for two reasons. First reason for apology is that I forgot the name of this great TV show, which inspired me to write this post. And Second Reason this is not pessimism or comparison so if this post puts you in a different state I apologies for that as well.

This Show was all about “Round the clock life of a Doctors / Hospital Staff on Saturday”. On Saturday night cases for accidents, self damage increase because of alcohol & happy dust usage. According to Doctor current happy dust dose are that damaging that it just bangs your nervous system after few hours.

I was shocked how victims were behaving after taking these things. I was like a what? What the hell this guy was thinking while taking this? These all things have inspired me to write this blog and I also took some pictures, they are seriously horrible.

Alcohol Problem in Society

This lady has drunk almost half of Vodka bottle in 2hrs during partying with her boyfriend and other people. And after this much of alcohol she just fall down from the stairs and got injured.  What I observed is that she was not even worried about her drinking problem but she looked like that she was more worried about damage on her look . And there was a clear sign that she was worried about her relationship as well.



And this was another case of Drink and Fight in pub. This guy told that he was drinking with another guy. And someone eat his nose because of some argument. He was drunk as per him.

Doctors were like just getting more and more cases like this round the clock. As night passed , more cases started to come-in. After Midnight it was like all patients in hospital were just because of drink and white dust.




White Dust Patients

There were plenty of white dust cases . These people were behaving crazy like they have lost complete control. They were shouting , screaming, struggling to maintain anxiety. I was like witnessing how bad things can go after few minutes ecstasy. I lived in dry state for almost my life. I do not know how longer my state will remain dry state but after watching this I am going to stop many people loosing control. It is crap holy crap.


One young kid was literally struggling on bed. One young man came in wheel chair in ambulance with a knife stabbed in back. They were easily admitted it was because of drugs, which surprised me as well.Doctor told that before a decade drugs were not like this. In Past effect of these kind of things was not that bad. It was just  like you feel high and after 4-5 hrs you  become normal and go to bed.But now it has gone bad to worst , once you take it .. it is very sure that it ll bang once it looses effect, you will be literally on floor.

And I respect doctors of hospital .. during this tv show nurse mentioned we can not judge people why they are taking this , why they are wasting life , we can not ask these kind of questions because our first aim is to keep victim alive & try to minimize damage.



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