My team was working unceasingly since last one year to get betterment in the results of our codings and testings. And today, I am proud to share my journey with you that all our diligence and labour has paid off.

I’ve found it an amazing experience to be able to showcase my new venture – Karconnect with people across the country, but to receive the Finalist Award is the Cherry on top!

Let me elaborate.

The award of best startup in the ICT Category at 9th GESIA Annual Awards that was held  at YMCA International Center Ahmedabad on 29th September, 2016 – we received the Finalist Award! Gujarat Electronics and Software Industries Association (GESIA) is a non-profit organisation that aims to nurture, foster and track the ICT Industry of Gujarat and provide them a window to the world.

The things I’ve got now has boosted me to continue to tackle with my upcoming challenges and the product KarConnect. I’m proud to be part of such great event where brilliant small smart products can change the world.

Once again I dedicate this milestone to my whole team at KarConnect.


My New Venture KarConnect


When I was researching about the amount of blood donated in my city, I was shocked to know that most of the blood donation was required to the fatal accidents. When I dug deep into the news, I came across the government data detailing about the road accidents occurring everyday. It was stated that on an average 400 people are killed in road accidents daily, and this costs $5118 billion globally, costing individual countries from 4-6% of their annual GDP. These road accidents are caused only because improper driving and low-maintenance of vehicle.

Later when I was travelling outstation on my car Ford fiesta, I suddenly experienced a breakdown. There was no mechanic or help I could get from near by. Regretfully, I had to do it by my own.

These situations had given me a deep thoughts to take an initiative and pushed me to do bring some groundbreaking solution and head towards some innovation.

This is how I came up with “KarConnect”, which is a product under my new venture DriveSmart Telematics Pvt. Ltd.

Let me Introduce KarConnect

KarConnect is the key to unlock the world of connected car platform. It is a smart technological combo of two components – 16 Pin OBDII Chip (Hardware) and mobile application (Software). KarConnect Device is plugged in your car’s OBDII port, fetches data from the ECU (Electronic Control Unit), does data crunching and send it to the server for further analysis. The application will receive insights from the KarConnect device detailing you with seamless reports and predictive alerts.

What Type of issues are tackled?

The in-built GPS and GPRS module in the KarConnect chip helps in continuous real time tracking the location of your vehicles. The application also gives you details about fault codes (self-diagnosis) which can avoid a potential breakdown of the car and accidental damages. The application gets you the list of all Service Centers based on the location or nearby. KarConnect also caters real time tracking of the vehicle and driving behaviour showing all the parameters remotely. So, the product is equally useful for both, businesses and the individual users.

IN 2016 people will not spend much time with in the App

Yes, you are right , Spending time with in app will reduce significantly in 2016. How? And Why? More and more apps are being published every year . But users have 24hrs in a day. Businesses know that user does not want everything which is residing in the app at particular point of time.

How User Experience is going to change this year?

Imaging your phone is locked, you received a message notification!! how about the functionality to read , reply , delete message from the  notification center? Yes, Many of them have noticed you can do a lot more now with notification center itself. This is going to make communication faster, Will also reduce time spent with in mobile app. To prove my points here are some of my real time examples.

This is will reduce time app user spent with in app but on the other side app user will have a lot better user experience. Specially when all businesses wants you to spend time more and more with their mobile apps.

Biggest User experience change in 2016 would be “User interactions will not require new screens or redirection”

Social Media- Which Way It is Heading?

One of the craziest myths to be shattered in the last decade is that Old generation is not tech savvy and would crib on the younger generation being glued to the social media. We can find even the older generation trying to create their identity in the virtual world.
The affirmative side of the story- social media connects all.
The Other side- Does it really connect? The biggest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance, it is illusion of the knowledge.

Perhaps beyond the conventional issues faced by the society as terrorism, pollution, political disturbances, a giant menace that has masked well and is difficult to uncover is the one created by abundant usage of social media.

One day when every gadget would be connected by thin invisible wires the so called social animal would be disconnected with the real visible world.

Ask people around you and they will boast of their followers, friend lists and the huge online popularity and to make things worse, they love it that way. Being engaged today includes being busy online and that is hugely becoming acceptable.

With millions of people spending on an average of 2 hours a day on a given social networking site, it is bound to create a commendable effect on the way people think, see and form opinions. It has become the most sorted medium of communication for the people who love to interact beyond the distance and time frame, yes, it is such an influencer that it never tires anyone until and unless one withdraws oneself from it. The electronic connections have become much more significant than the real life connection and people have started judging you by your followers and following.

This also amounts to revealing underlying issues of teenage obesity, short-lived relationships, emotional trauma, and a race to a sense of image superiority fueling jealousy and breeding unhealthy competition.

Let’s not complicate it by going deep into the virtues and woes of the social networking though many would agree that the social networking is not working the way it should have. The essence is somewhere lost in the quantitative evaluation than the qualitative accountability.

The trending topics take the shape of the typhoon and in no time reach every nook and corner but who cares to check if they were worth enough to take that gigantic shape OR check the starting point OR if they have maintained the dignity of the cause? Do we?

One and all are responsible for the fading charm that was once considered to be a ‘fix’ meeting place for the people who have nowhere to go but social media to voice their opinion. Today all we care is the trending topics and jump into the train without even knowing the truth. The social media is  gormandizing us and somewhere we are happy about it.

The social media is like a buffet lunch set on an embellished table and you simply pick what you like.

Nevertheless, it was not as eroded as earlier. A solid platform that has given a chance to millions to say which no other medium would take the interest in. To interact with people, they never thought exist. To know the truth of the other side of the coin. To repair the damage done earlier and sometimes even before. And, to bring a revolution even without stepping on the road with candles.

The Bane with the Social Media– the true fragrance that is somewhere lost in the current time where rumors travel faster than the reality, paid influencers trick people in believing them, and how a simple sentence is twisted and turned into sensational news.  It just takes a click and the words fly far and wide.

Politics and rigidity have dented open-minded discussions, logical interactions have taken back seat and communication gap has widened. Well, the fault is that the social media users do not verify facts before accepting it. The sole aim of the social media was to offer a platform to share ideas, interact in good faith and connect the world, but the disdainfulness has crept in and few are making it a platform to fulfill their personal agenda.

If you thought I am in the favor of curtailing the freedom of the social media, and a campaigner to bring some tough laws to keep a control on it then you got it all wrong!

 More the laws, more the menace.

I agree that social media has slipped off & need to be disciplined but again, it is everyone’s responsibility to use it delicately and dedicate especially the newbie who start without understanding the basics of the social media.

Less of interaction and more of confrontation is the new flavor of the social media. Earlier, it was engagement and now its an argument.

Swamped by the people with different interests in mind, it is a clever idea to play it safe and not get carried away with the flow.

Howbeit, it has a long way to go and just like the river’s meandering course, social media too is meandering and will cut straight provided people are educated and know what they are up to.

Amazing Javascript Library Three.Js

I was discussing with my nephew about ability of Javascript & CSS ability. He pointed out me Three.Js. There are many examples on Theree.JS website. I like one pretty cool one by which you can literally develop arcade game in html5. Three.JS Blending , it is webgl & javascript.

In Last 10 years if something has evolved from its origin then it is Javascript & Fronend development.

Meeting With Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs

During my last visit of USA. I have been to Silicon Valley for a week. It was an amazing week. Met few of my clients like & . Find best best casino: browse this site and win jackpot! I went to an awesome meetup for the entrepreneurs in Mountain View.

I am here by putting some of the screenshots I had taken it will help you to understand how good it was 🙂

  • Topics were
  • When & how you should raise funds
  • Validating your ideas & Prototypes
  • Story Telling
  • How to stay relevant?

Arvind Gupta- Turning Trash To Toy Treasure!

“I’ve been invited by most of the schools. And every time I go to a school, I see a gleam in the eyes of the children. I see hope. I see happiness in their faces. Children want to make things. Children want to do things.”~ Arvind Gupta.

What do you expect from an extraordinarily intelligent and brilliant IIT graduate in the 1970s when the tag was enough to get a dream-like job wherever they want, in the country or abroad? Certainly you expect them to join a big reputed company and spend a life in the dream-like world. Well, this may sound like an end to a story but this was just the beginning of a phenomenal journey of a genius called Arvind Gupta. Continue reading “Arvind Gupta- Turning Trash To Toy Treasure!”

Push notification are very effective !

Any small business needs a boost. An Extra boost in sales. Sales will come from customers; customer will come when they visit you or your products. Push notifications in mobile app are very useful in this.

It is my personal experience that even if App is in idle mode in my phone. When I see a notification with some update I tend to visit the app & see what is all it about.

Here are few thoughts by using it you can improve your app experience regardless which industry your mobile application belongs.

  • Push notification for personalized sales ( Based on consumer pattern)
  • Push notification reminder for next booking update / Order Update / Order Tracking.
  • Push Notification for Birthday / Anniversary / Festival Greetings.
  • Push Notification for App Re-Engagement Ex. Its been a while you visited us , we have new products lined up.
  • Geo Targeted Push Notifications !! When your app user is approaching to a certain location ex. At business location or at home.
  • Send Breaking News or Grand news to all of your users.
  • Push notification for feedback after purchase / after event or after service for customer review.

While sending Push notification you need to take care of few things. Push notification can help you in branding & marketing but if not used wisely app user can delete your app right away.

Here are few points to take care while using push notification.

  • Wrong Time
  • Unnecessary updates
  • Frequent Push Notifications without asking preference from app users.
  • Unnecessary follow ups via push notifications.
  • Push notification with out any call to action

After all user experience is very vital in mobile application development.

GdgAhmedabad Women Tech Makers 2015

It was really good meetup where Women Fraternity showcased how strong they are in entrepreneurship & in Technology.

Awesome Speakers from ooWomaniya ( Krutika Katrat), Menstrupedia (Aditi Gupta) , Lawtoons (Kanan Dhru), Infostretch , Lets Nurture, wwhere ( Ritam Bhatnagar), Persona (Nidhi Suthar).

Other than technical discussion on android and apps ..discussion went on variety of topics, and few of them were bold and beautiful like menstruation, female issues & even law advices. Best thing is technology has helped them to make all these initiatives happen. All hail technology 🙂

My Trackr  Lets Nurture App

It was wonderful attempt by GDG Team, Paresh Mayani, Dhrumil, Pratik Patel, Utpal Betail , Vaibhai Desai, Chintan Rathod & Myself.


Dongle will turn Smartphone HIV Testing Device

smartphone applications are bringing innovation in all front. I am fascinated by innovation in health industry by smartphone and mobile applications. Recently when I was searching.. I found that dongle will eb able to diagnose “HIV” “Syphilis”


The diagnostic device – the engineers call it a “dongle” – was tested on 96 patients who were being treated in three community health centers in Kigali, Rwanda. After getting their test results, 97% of the patients said they would recommend it to others, according to a report published this week in Science

Read more here…