Images Are Very Important in Conversion Rate Optimization

If you are trying to get more business online, your website & social media accounts are most important factors of getting more business. Most of the time images are ignored and tiny detail of image can improve traffic and conversion on your website. I am going to show here few very famous examples of image & eye tracking which helped business to improve conversion rates.

Above Image is one of the popular example of how image can change user experience ..

If you can see sunsilk advertisement.. in First image she is looking at the user and in secondĀ  model is looking at product. If you checkthe heat-map .. in second image we can easily conclude that audience has viewed sunsilk product more often compare to the first image.
Similarly in another image .. Baby is looking at the audience and website has failed to capture eye balls on their important message + product but when it changed with baby looking at the main message..” Extra Gentle for Sensitive Skin” image successfully managed capture more eyes on product.

From Where I can see this Heat Map / Eye Tracking of My website

There are many tools available in market for the same.. you can use
Google Analytics – In Page Analysis ( Free)
Click Density (Free)
Click Tale (Paid)
AttentionWizard ( Free)
Crazzy Egg ( Paid)

Above Example is in almost all Conversion Rate Optimization Websites + in Many Consumer Behavior Books…. I will be writing on few more image rated conversion rate optimization issues in next few blog posts..

Ketan Raval
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