7 “words” which will push everyone to read your blog post

Everyone wants visitors, Specially if you are doing online business you want people to read your blog post. Lot of research & test has proved that people tends to visit blog post if they are written with proper title. Some words can do special effects. Here are some words which can surely boost your blog traffic.

Your blog post title should have Continue reading “7 “words” which will push everyone to read your blog post”

5 Tools For Heatmap , Mouse Tracking , Eye Tracking

Doing Business online is all about user experience, what users are doing, Success lies on how much data about user behaviour  you can grab on website. It is about monitoring what the user activities and their behaviour and collecting as much data as you can.   It can help on conversion rate optimization, SEO efforts, PPC Campaigns. I am here by giving top 5 tools which are best to use.Here is a list for it..

  1. Chalkmark
  2. ClickDensity
  3. Clicktale
  4. CrazyEgg
  5. Eyetracking

Other than these tools you can surely configure your google analytics and get the maximum out of it.

Cognitive Fluence Interesting Topic

I was reading few more books on consumer behaviour .. & while reading something on neuromarkeitng I found one interesting topic .. and that is Cognitive Fluency. Cognitive Fluence is very important in decision making.In real world you might have heard the word KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) .. it is also based on cognitive fluency.. there are few more evidence that if you keep propose anything to your consumer in very easy way there are more chances of conversion / decision making. Like Simple Fonts ( if its hard to read , it is hard to do).  Continue reading “Cognitive Fluence Interesting Topic”

Images Are Very Important in Conversion Rate Optimization

If you are trying to get more business online, your website & social media accounts are most important factors of getting more business. Most of the time images are ignored and tiny detail of image can improve traffic and conversion on your website. I am going to show here few very famous examples of image & eye tracking which helped business to improve conversion rates.

Above Image is one of the popular example of how image can change user experience ..

If you can see sunsilk advertisement.. in First image she is looking at the user and in second  model is looking at product. If you checkthe heat-map .. in second image we can easily conclude that audience has viewed sunsilk product more often compare to the first image.
Similarly in another image .. Baby is looking at the audience and website has failed to capture eye balls on their important message + product but when it changed with baby looking at the main message..” Extra Gentle for Sensitive Skin” image successfully managed capture more eyes on product.

From Where I can see this Heat Map / Eye Tracking of My website

There are many tools available in market for the same.. you can use
Google Analytics – In Page Analysis ( Free)
Click Density (Free)
Click Tale (Paid)
AttentionWizard ( Free)
Crazzy Egg ( Paid)

Above Example is in almost all Conversion Rate Optimization Websites + in Many Consumer Behavior Books…. I will be writing on few more image rated conversion rate optimization issues in next few blog posts..

Disguised Advertising in CRO Learn Something About Dark Patterns –

CRO ( Conversion Rate Optimization) , Conversion Optimization is usually a UI improvement techniques….. Most of the time people believes trying “creative call to actions”, “placing proper call to actions buttons” , “A/B testing” , “Color Combination”, “Improving User Interface” are best way to improve conversion & business. But I have something interesting for you..  there is a pattern which is called “Dark Pattern” which drives huge number of  conversion to many websites & also drives huge amount of business but these dark patterns are usually considered unethical or inappropriate ( But all these patterns surely increases business)…….

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KissMatrics: Small But Catchy Call To Action

As we know how important these call to actions are in CRO ( Conversion Rate Optimization). I was reading blog from Kiss Matrics and found they have implemented nice little call to action which is not easy to identify but definitely worth a try for marketers. You can check this here..  on their blog KissMatrics

As you see in below image..when you select any content from the blog , one popup will appear for sharing that selected text on social networks, now this can certainly prove beneficial on many things.. like

This Call to Action can increase

  • Social Sharing
  • Network Outreach
  • Effective / Themed Link Building
  • Online Reputation
  • And Of eventually will help in inbound marketing effort and CRO

I have come across various sites.. and I try to share some of cool things whenever I get some time.. I hope you liked this & hoping that it ll help you in our professional life….


Some Cool Examples of Call to Action (CTA) I Found in Last 24hrs

In Past few years I might have visited million of websites, few websites I loved it , few websites  I never returned back. During  this period I observed trends closely and noticed  few things , one cool thing I loved is Call To Action. Sometime good concept does not appeal to people just because of wrong designs. And sometime tricky Call to Action gives a lot of business to simple idea.  So, in online business “Call To Action” is very important. It is rightly said that your conversions are highly depended on your “call to action”.

What is Call to Action?

In very simple way call to action is a tactic or idea which will make user to take some action on website like filling contact us form or purchasing item or subscribing news letter or anything which business owner wants his customer to do.

I was thinking to write on some useful examples of “Call to Action”. My Procrastination prevented me to do that. But finally I have regrouped my energy and here are some cool examples of CTA, which I discovered in last 24 hrs. Continue reading “Some Cool Examples of Call to Action (CTA) I Found in Last 24hrs”