Wordcamp Baroda Personal Experience

Last weekend we have been busy in Wordcamp Baroda. For people who does not know wordcamp, wordcamp is one of the reputed event for wordpress lovers. I was speaking there as in conference about rich snippets & structured data. I already have written about my professional experience, today I am writing about personal experience on wordpress.

With Family & Friends

Best thing was that I was with my better half and with my friends.. Paresh and his wife was a good company as a couple. I am glad that he came with his wife otherwise it would have become nightmare for Binita to sustain this completely geeky conference where she does not know anything ๐Ÿ™‚ Andย  Jaydip was a good company. Everyone around knows his sense of humour so there is nothing must to share on it.. he is genius in keeping environment alive & a great speaker to listen

Hotel Aditi


We can not forget about hotel aditi ๐Ÿ™‚ we had a good laugh when we tickle Paresh for “aditi”. Hotel was fine comfy.ย  Jaydip and other people had stayed up all saturday night and had a great fun ( unfortunately I was not allowed to do so , because it was my first weekend with binita :D).

SEO & Race-2

We had a great laugh when we combined SEO with movie Race-2 , contextual backlink , cloaking,ย  negative seo and lot of things mixed inbetween by Jaydip and Harneet Bhalla. and after movie I joined this seo talk and buying domain for race-33 in advance so, by the time Race-33 gets released we would have aged domain ๐Ÿ™‚

Food Near by Aditi

we wente nearby fast food center. We tried different thing , here I would like to point out do not eat “Nachos” anywhere nearby hotel aditi. They do not know what is “Nachos”. if you are fan of authentic food you will regret by trying anything otherthan local food.

Ajawa & Nimeta

It was expected that we had to go some good feminine location to please our better half . we decided to go ajwa nimeta garden. It has musical fountain and range of creative fountain.ย  Ajawa/Nimeta is a great place to enjoy food.

Kismat Kathiyawadi in Baroda Great Rustic Experience

While Returning we were hungry and we wanted to try something affordable and enjoyable food,ย  During conference someone said Kismat Kathiyawadi is a good dhaba (local name of Indian restaurant) to try.ย  We stopped there and waited for half an hour for our turn. And it was really superb food. Fantastic taste & good service. I can not believe how much we ate on that day but it was worth it.

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