Push notification are very effective !

Any small business needs a boost. An Extra boost in sales. Sales will come from customers; customer will come when they visit you or your products. Push notifications in mobile app are very useful in this.

It is my personal experience that even if App is in idle mode in my phone. When I see a notification with some update I tend to visit the app & see what is all it about.

Here are few thoughts by using it you can improve your app experience regardless which industry your mobile application belongs.

  • Push notification for personalized sales ( Based on consumer pattern)
  • Push notification reminder for next booking update / Order Update / Order Tracking.
  • Push Notification for Birthday / Anniversary / Festival Greetings.
  • Push Notification for App Re-Engagement Ex. Its been a while you visited us , we have new products lined up.
  • Geo Targeted Push Notifications !! When your app user is approaching to a certain location ex. At business location or at home.
  • Send Breaking News or Grand news to all of your users.
  • Push notification for feedback after purchase / after event or after service for customer review.

While sending Push notification you need to take care of few things. Push notification can help you in branding & marketing but if not used wisely app user can delete your app right away.

Here are few points to take care while using push notification.

  • Wrong Time
  • Unnecessary updates
  • Frequent Push Notifications without asking preference from app users.
  • Unnecessary follow ups via push notifications.
  • Push notification with out any call to action

After all user experience is very vital in mobile application development.

Dongle will turn Smartphone HIV Testing Device

smartphone applications are bringing innovation in all front. I am fascinated by innovation in health industry by smartphone and mobile applications. Recently when I was searching.. I found that dongle will eb able to diagnose “HIV” “Syphilis”


The diagnostic device – the engineers call it a “dongle” – was tested on 96 patients who were being treated in three community health centers in Kigali, Rwanda. After getting their test results, 97% of the patients said they would recommend it to others, according to a report published this week in Science

Read more here…


Agile Project Management

Yes, Everything is fragile so lets go with agile 🙂 . I am always bit late to adapt change but when I do I transform entire thing and make it to new level

Anyway to start with agile you need to go through this website http://www.agilenutshell.com/

Below stuff will help you to start with Agile.

User Stories
User stories are features our customers might one day like to see in their software.
An Agile iteration is a short one to two week period where a team takes a couple of their customers most important user stories and builds them completely as running-tested-software.
agile planning is nothing more than measuring the speed a team can turn user stories into working, production-ready software and then using that to figure out when they’ll be done

In Short Agile is to break big task into small measurable tasks…

Apple launches its own blog to educated people with SWIFT language for ios & OS x

Apple has launched Swift blog to educate developers about swift language, this is a very good move. There is no other way to find a good developers untill we provide great resources to them to learn. Visit Swift blog here..


I am glad that our interns are working on swift and this will bring more knowledge into the team soon..

Material Design and its animation For Android L

I am amazed with the amount of resource Google is providing for developers.. amazing..

Android L & Material Design

Material Design in my words is realistic design, responsive design. I was just going through Material Design Specification


One Must go through all animation at least once..

Authentic Motion:-

Visit here for more http://www.google.com/design/spec/animation/authentic-motion.html

Responsive Interaction:-

Visit here for more http://www.google.com/design/spec/animation/responsive-interaction.html

Meaningful Transition :-

Visit here for more http://www.google.com/design/spec/animation/meaningful-transitions.html

Delightful Details:

Visit here for more.. http://www.google.com/design/spec/animation/delightful-details.html

When I look about this much resources to help developers to become developers.. I feel proud.. this open system ( wheather it is apple or Google) is helping world to bring amazing talent coming out from anywhere..

iOS8 – App Extension Development

Not to leave behind in race , Apple has made changes in iOS now.. And few great stuff coming out in iOS8. And one is App Extensions.

Imagine “you have one specific requirement for your business & for that you just want to use existing iOS App or feature and want to enhance a little bit for your need” Previously it was not possible now you can extend functionality of existing system up to certain extent. Continue reading “iOS8 – App Extension Development”

7 “words” which will push everyone to read your blog post

Everyone wants visitors, Specially if you are doing online business you want people to read your blog post. Lot of research & test has proved that people tends to visit blog post if they are written with proper title. Some words can do special effects. Here are some words which can surely boost your blog traffic.

Your blog post title should have Continue reading “7 “words” which will push everyone to read your blog post”